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Trump in Albany

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY

As the New York Primary approaches, April 19th, the presidential candidates are rushing to the capital region to sway potential voters. On Monday afternoon, April 11th, Bernie and Kasich held their rallies. But the most anticipated one had to be Trumps later that night.

When Trumped announced that he would be coming to Albany to speak there were many different reactions. But one thing was clear, it was going to be a sold out show.

Supporters of Trump were excited to hear his famous, or infamous depending on how you view it, speeches. And he followed through, with talks of building a wall around the Mexican border and having tariffs on Mexican goods, cheers could be heard inside the Times Union Center. People held up American flags and homemade signs saying “Make American Great Again,” along with wearing the slogan on shirts and hats.


Trump                  (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

But it was not only Trump’s supporters excited to have the presidential candidate in Albany. Throughout the day I heard excited chatter among other college students, who realized that this was their chance at protesting what they believed were racist and negative views coming from Trump. Many of the protesters gathered on South Pearl Street, holding up signs and chanting against Trump.

trump protest Similar signs like the one above were held by protesters in Albany, NY. (Photo by Elif Koc/PBS NewsHour)

Some people were just excited to be a part of the political process, and went to both the Bernie and Trump rallies to gather information and hear them speak. But not everyone was happy about Trump showing up to Albany.

Liz Parisi, a 22-year-old college student, said that she did not attend the Trump rally.

“You see people get beat up or attacked at his rallies. I wouldn’t go just because of safety reasons. People get crazy at those things.” Parisi said.

In past Trump rallies there have been violent clashes between his supporters and protesters. Protesters have claimed to be hit, pushed and even grouped. With that, police in Albany were in full force. You could see cops patrolling the streets and protesters and when things became too heated inside the Times Union Building, protesters were seen escorted out by security.

But like the past Trump rallies, it didn’t go without some incidents. A video is circulating of a Trmp supporter hitting a protester in the face, twice, after they got into a argument.

While I won’t be voting for Trump anytime soon. It was interesting to see the range of emotions that he caused and just the vast amount of people that he has following him. His popularity can be seen throughout social media, with his 7.66 million followers, and the non-stop mentioning of him on the news and even in pop culture.


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Learning the Value of Friendships

My first friend was an easy one to make, and that was because I was forced to live with her. Brittany, my sister, is three years older than me and my parents used to joke around that the reason they had me was so she had a friend.

Well it worked.

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We moved to the tiny village of Scotia when I was five, and there I met my second friend, Julia. She lived right around the corner and everyday together was spent playing with Polly Pockets and riding our bikes. Soon she made other friends and I just tagged along, too shy to go talk to other people on my own. Polly Pockets turned into boy talk and makeup.

Scotia, NY 


Between kindergarten and 7th grade that was my main method of making friends. I would just tag along and tailor all my likes and wants to whatever the other girls would approve of, and it worked for me. Sure, we lost some of the group in petty fights and bullying, sometimes they just wouldn’t want to fall in line. But that couldn’t happen to me, I was there from the beginning. I thought I was doing everything right.

I was wrong.

Soon I was pushed out of the group just like I used to do to the other girls. I was told that I was too boringAfter a depressing year of barely speaking to anyone and eating lunch alone I decided it was time to get over my fear of rejection and make some actual friends.


At first I was scared to put myself out there. I was always shy and after being kicked out of my last group didn’t really know what I could offer to people. By putting myself out there I began to build up my friend group. They pushed me to join activities that I wouldn’t even dream about doing before, like theater.


They taught me that your never too old to play dress up.375942_2143666196664_1765510366_n

And they showed me that you won’t always be rejected when you’re just trying to be yourself.

I am now in my senior year of college, and out of all those friends from high school, I only speak to a handful. But I’m not my scared middle school self anymore. I will put myself out there and not shut down from rejection. I recognize that while some people won’t see my value, there are others who will actually enjoy having me around. Even though friendships can end badly, they do add something to your life. They help mold you and push you to figure out who you are.


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